New Lost City Found in ‘Burg Warehouse

As the clock counted to midnight, more than one thousand revelers crammed inside two three-story warehouses in East Williamsburg to dismiss 2009 and welcome 2010 in glamorous fashion.

Following the theme “New Lost City”, the party, hosted by The Danger and 3rd Ward Brooklyn (195 Morgan Avenue) featured circus performers, a swing set, brass band explosions, and fire acts, a hidden tea lounge, and Santa and Jesus Christ in a party room.

With so many adventures going on, it was easy to miss a 13-seat table that was dragged into the middle of the dance floor, where 13 lucky revelers received a free three-course meal prepared by Greenpointers’ Joann Kim and champagne toasts at 11:30 PM. They didn’t stay seated for long, as the diners had climbed on top of the chairs and began dancing between courses to the deep house mix the DJ had put together as a sea of bodies pushed their way to the dance floor.

Just before midnight, bartenders began pouring champagne in plastic dixie cups to whomever would reach out and grabbed one. Soon they gave up, and passed the bottles around without even bothering to pour them.

The DJs began the countdown and people began grabbing loved ones, friends and strangers for that obligatory midnight kiss, for many, an embrace of new things to come.