Newspaper lover rips off paper boy

News swipe

A 55-year-old news hound was arrested on Sept. 8 after he was caught stealing newspapers that a delivery man had left at several Prospect Place addresses.

The 42-year-old paper man figured out what was going on after a few days of complaints from his clients and asked police to join him between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues that morning at 7.

That’s when cops caught the thief and charged him with criminal possession of stolen property.

Burrito bruiser

A drunken 21-year-old was arrested for going loco inside the Burrito Bar and Kitchen on Flatbush Avenue on Sept. 6.

Cops said that the intoxicated man entered at around 9:50 pm and began throwing chairs and cursing at staff and customers alike.

One waiter tried to calm the young man down with a glass of water, but the unruly guest threatened to throw the glass back at the employee, said police, who ultimately charged the truculent patron with menacing.

Last stop

Two thugs took out their frustrations on a taxi cab picking up the women they were chatting up at the corner of Washington Avenue and Prospect Place on Sept. 5.

The cabbie innocently pulled up to the corner to pick up his fare at 2:30 am when one of the men the women were speaking to lobbed something at the rear windshield, shattering it.

The stunned hack sped off — leaving the women behind.

Prospect predator

A thief broke into a Prospect Place apartment on Sept. 4, taking $140.

The 22-year-old tenant told police that he left his fourth-floor apartment at 4:30 pm. The thief had circumvented a window security gate to enter the apartment, police said.

Leg lob

A menace threw a metal table leg into the window of a Lincoln Place apartment on Sept. 4 — surprising the tenant inside — but getting nothing except a pair of silver bracelets.

The outraged 31-year-old victim called police, who arrested the unhinged stranger for chucking the table leg as well as pelting the building between Underhill and Washington avenues with bottles.

Atlantic assault

A heavy-handed thug jumped a complete stranger on Atlantic Avenue on Sept. 1, leaving his 36-year-old victim with a split lip and a swollen face.

The victim said he was approaching Vanderbilt Avenue at 6:15 pm when the hooligan attacked for no apparent reason, police were told.