Nightclub nightmare on Utica Avenue

The fight against a notorious neighborhood nightclub has gained new life.

A handful of Mill Basin residents complained to the Futurama Civic Association recently that problems at Squadz, 1904 Utica Avenue, have not ebbed, despite the cold weather where revelers are going right out of the club and straight to their cars.

“We had a few people from East 51st Street come to our meeting and they complained about the people coming out of Squadz,” said Eileen Cullen, the president of Futurama Civic, who added that residents also complained about the noise from a nearby motorcycle shop. “[Club patrons] park on the side streets and are urinating in people’s driveways.”

Residents who book-end the club on East 49th and East 51st Street near Avenue K have repeatedly complained about noise, inappropriate behavior and believed that a spree of tire slashings last year could be linked to club guests.

Neighborhood residents made their concerns about the club known to the 63rd Precinct when they packed a community council meeting back in October.

According to their MySpace page, Squadz, identified as “Brooklyn’s classiest nightspot,” hosts special theme nights, such as comedy nights and ladies nights, every day of the week.

Their message board is teeming with listings of future dance and concert events that will take place either at the club or at other city nightclubs.

When contacted, a club manager at Squadz said she had “no knowledge” of any neighborhood complaints.

Police, however, said that Squadz is well aware of the community’s concerns.

Captain Patricia MacDonad, the 63rd Precinct’s executive officer, said that they are up to speed on the complaints and are doing everything they can to be good neighbors.

“We’re working with them,” she said, explaining that her officers keep an ever vigilant eye on Squadz and other Utica Avenue night spots to make sure that revelers don’t become a nuisance when they leave their favorite establishments.

MacDonald said that a patrol car is positioned on Utica Avenue each weekend to watch club-goers. So far this year, the outdoor club scene has been less than hopping.

“Nothing’s happened,” she said, adding that the winter weather can sometimes be the best friend a cop can have.

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