No charges in bloodbath

No charges

Cops will not be charging the off-duty state Corrections officer involved in the March 8 Bensonhurst bloodbath that ended in a 77-year-old’s death.

The 25-year-old Corrections officer was inside a Bath Avenue barber shop near 17th Avenue when the 77-year-old, who police sources identified as a neighbor and a long-time rival, came in and sparked an argument at 1:30 pm.

The senior pulled a gun during the heated exchange, but the 25-year-old pulled his own gun, shooting the senior in the face.

Swipe and smash

A thief swiped a 1997 Mitsubishi parked on Gravesend Neck Road on March 12 — only to smash the stolen car up on Kings Highway.

Cops arrested the 26-year-old thief following the accident, which happened between E. 17th and E. 18th streets, at 9:37 pm. It had been stolen two hours before, the owner of the car told police.

Batter up

A thug with a baseball bat brutally assaulted a 36-year-old man on 20th Avenue on March 5, leaving his victim hospitalized.

Horrified witnesses told police that the brutal assault took place at 12:50 pm near 78th Street. The victim was rushed to Lutheran Medical Center, where he was listed in stable condition.

It was unclear if the victim knew his attacker.

— Thomas Tracy