No cold war for this Hottie

In the spirit of glasnost, we bring you this week’s Hottie of the Double D — from Russia, with love.

Meet Anton Voskresensky, an 18-year-old lifeguard at the Douglass-Degraw Pool, the watering hole that the city had the temerity to consider closing this summer due to budget cuts.

“I’m glad they didn’t close it — I wanted to work here since last year,” admitted Voskresensky, who protected swimmers at the Sunset Park pool last summer.

Everything seems to be falling into place for Voskresensky, a Moscow-born Sheepshead Bay resident who will be a freshman at Touro College in the fall. His pool stayed open. He got his dream summer job. And now he’s been named the Double-D Hottie of the week.

“I believe it’s an honor,” he said, responding to a reporter’s leading question.

In his spare time, Voskresensky enjoys handball, Ping Pong and soccer. This Madison HS graduate is no slouch in the classroom either, and hopes to begin studying medicine in the fall.

Oh, and don’t worry, ladies — this Double-D Hottie is single.

“I am focused on my work, of course, but during free time, I have a couple of girls I talk to,” he confessed. “But yes, I’m single, unfortunately.”

It’s unlikely things will get any better than this week’s hottie, but we will certainly endeavor to try. So keep a sharp eye for our roving shutterbug, and you, too, may join icons such as Voskresensky for a chance at immortality.

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