No dis Union here — condo near Grand Army Plaza moves ahead

No dis Union here — condo near Grand Army Plaza moves ahead

A long-shuttered Christian school at the heart of Park Slope’s real estate goldmine will soon sprout into a towering condo.

Construction is already rolling at 910 Union St. — which once housed Cathedral School of Brooklyn — and developers will transform the three-story structure near Grand Army Plaza into a seven-floor building that includes views of both Prospect Park and the city, according to project developers.

The project leaders — who also hatched the plan for the industrial-chic “L Lofts” in Bushwick — have already scored permits to build 15 three-bedroom units, and say that they want the building’s look to match the aesthetic of the neighborhood.

“We want to keep it contextual with the rest of Brooklyn and the block,” said Perry Finkelman of American Development Group. “We’ll use red brick and minimal glass.”

That doesn’t please neighbors who will surrender their own vistas to the fancy new building.

“We’re concerned it will obstruct our views,” said Charlotte Rubin, who has lived across the street, at 47 Plaza Street West, for decades. “People will be upset.”

Even so, civic leaders say there’s likely not much to debate, considering that the developers are following current zoning, which caps buildings at 75 feet.

“It’s not in the historic district,” said Eric McClure of Park Slope Civic Council. “So I don’t really have any comment.”

Owners of Cathedral School of Brooklyn sold the three-story Depression-era building three years agao for $5 million. It has sat vacant since, but will eventually include the apartments, a medical office, a gym for residents and a “retro interior” with a restored wood-burning fireplace.

Finkelman declined to name a price for the condos, but the real-estate company Massey Knakal once said that the developers could charge $950 per square foot — roughly $2 million for a nice-sized unit.

But that was three years ago.