No stoop is safe!

Stoop id

A thief punched a woman in her face and ripped away a woman’s purse as she was sitting in front of her home on N. Eighth Street on Dec. 31.

The woman was on her stoop at 11:50 pm when the perp approached, punched her and grabbed her purse before fleeing toward Havemeyer Street.

Fig Newton

A thug robbed a woman on Newtown Street on Dec. 31, taking her cash and phone.

The perp approached the woman on Manhattan Avenue at 3:40 pm, and asked her for cash. She gave up $70, but he took her phone too, threatening, “Don’t call the police or I’ll shoot!”

Unlucky lottery

A perp robbed a McGuinness Boulevard gas station on Jan. 1, preferring some guaranteed cash instead of chancing it with a lottery ticket.

The perp entered the store near Calyer Street at 11:20 am, pulled out a $10 bill, and asked for lottery tickets.

When the manager turned his back, the perp shouted, “Get on the ground!” and removed $900 from the cash register. He left the lottery ticket.

Shutter bug

A perp stole a camera and its lens from a N. Eighth Street apartment on Dec. 29.

The perp broke into the apartment near Berry Street at 4 am while its tenant was asleep.

Wheel bad

At least two cars were swiped last week:

• A thief stole a car that was warming up on N. Fourth Street near Berry Street at 3:30 am on Dec. 31.

• A Toyota was swiped fro mKent Avenue near N. Seventh Street on Dec. 31. The driver had parked it at 9 pm, but it was gone by 1 am the next day.