Not a ripple: No one notices fatal Gerritsen Beach car crash for 36 hours

Not a ripple: No one notices fatal Gerritsen Beach car crash for 36 hours
Photo by Mark Mellone

Talk about a delayed reaction.

A Sheepshead Bay man died after his car sped through a Gerritsen Beach road barrier and sunk into Shell Bank Creek early on Nov. 9 — but it took nearly 36 hours for anyone to realize the crash had even happened.

Police only found out about the wreck on Tuesday afternoon after Gerritsen Avenue homeowner Chris Gardener reviewed surveillance footage captured by a neighbor’s security camera that showed the car speeding down the street at 5 am on Nov. 8, cops said.

Gardner noticed that construction material around his home had been knocked down, and it occurred to him that his neighbor’s surveillance cameras may have caught what happened, according to Courier Life photographer Mark Mellone, who heard the Tuesday 911 call over a police scanner.

Gardner called 911 call at 3:57 pm and responding police discovered a vehicle with Alabama plates totally submerged in the waters of Shell Bank Creek, an department spokesman confirmed.

Police divers recovered the body of Sheepshead Bay resident James Miro, 31, which was floating in the wreckage, the spokesman said.

Officials are still determining what caused the crash, a police spokesman said.

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