Not for Nuthin’, but Joanna knows what she’s talking about

To the editor,

Joanna DelBuono has just touched the tip of the iceberg (“At any rate? How about the one I agreed to?” Not for Nuthin’, March 30).

Verizon offers new customers free DVR’s for life but loyal, bill paying existing customers only get an offer for three months free if you call and ask about any new promos they’ve got brewing. Also, when you call, you can get a different answer to your question or problem from each person. There is evidently so much info that they can give so much wrong info, too. (It’s almost impossible to get a return call.)

I too received the letter about rate increases, even though I hadn’t reached a year of triple-play service yet.

Hopefully, when I do, there won’t be a similar letter; maybe the FTC & DoITT can help reign these companies in?

Francine Danza

Mill Basin

For fact’s sake

To the editor,

I am once again writing to clarify and rectify something that Daniel Bush has written. This is getting tiresome and I almost feel that I should be paid to fact-check Dan’s work.

Dan quotes someone in his “Nine Months For Kruger Successor” article (March 29), purporting to be the president of the Brooklyn Young Republicans. The problem is that I am the president of the club, and the person quoted by Dan was not me.

My club was given the “New York State Young Republican Club of the Year Award.” The Brooklyn Young Republicans that is officially recognized by the New York State Young Republicans, which is officially recognized by the New York State GOP, is led by me.

Once again, I think it is dangerous and unfair that Mr. Bush is letting facts get in the way of his story.

Russell Gallo

The writer is president of Brooklyn Young Republicans.

Health care questions

To the editor,

Now that the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Law is in deliberation in the Supreme Court, the justices need to get answerers to some other questions: Why did President Obama have to grant so many exemptions to get support? Why are the 435 people who run this country exempt from being in it? One would think that if Obamacare is as good as the hype, that he and the rest of the top tier of the government would be tripping over each other to be a part of Obamacare. They aren’t. Why not?

Why is $500 million being taken from the Medicare program to fund Obamacare? Doctors and hospitals are bailing out of Medicare in record numbers because their payments, as well as senior benefits, have been cut.

Why hasn’t anyone in Congress read this law before they voted for it, and why won’t the justices of the Supreme Court read it, either? How can they make a rational decision if they don’t know what’s in it? Will Justice Kagan, who helped to write the law and lobbied for it, recuse herself? There seems to be a conflict of interest here. If she doesn’t will she be impeached?

David Podesta

Marine Park


To the editor,

Does the New York City Charter assign any responsibilities to the Council Speaker to organize boycotts of restaurants?

Recent pictures of Speaker and aspiring 2013 mayoral candidate Christine Quinn handing out flyers near McDonald’s in Manhattan urging citizens to boycott the local McDonald’s made a great photo op for her, but missed the bigger picture. It is not the legal responsibility of any business to patrol and protect citizens on public streets outside their establishments. They would be subject to legal liability and potential litigation if their employees violated the civil liberties of citizens on a public sidewalk.

My wife and I periodically shop and dine at a number of restaurants in Greenwich Village. There are many other establishments that customers patronize used as a base of operations for illegal activities. If the consumption of marijuana and prostitution were both legalized, there would be fewer “incidents” at this McDonald’s. With our regular police force already overstretched, it might make more sense to ask for auxiliary volunteer police officers to patrol periodically outside this McDonald’s.

Some McDonald’s franchise owners are actually role models for others to emulate. They have assisted our community, which faces an eight percent unemployment rate. This does not count the seven percent of New Yorkers who have given up looking for work. Each new McDonald’s provides work for construction contractors and their employees. McDonald’s provides jobs for thousands of New Yorkers and more for suppliers. All pay taxes and are our neighbors. Working and middle class residents, along with students and retired people, have a reasonably priced place to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many New Yorkers also own stock in McDonald’s.

The free enterprise system has made our nation great. Economic growth and the creation of wealth comes from millions of small businesses, without the assistance of “stimulus” taxpayers dollars

The city has a municipal budget of $65 billion with more than 200,000 employees. This is greater than most states and many nations.

Speaker Quinn has never built a business, created jobs, met a payroll, reduced the municipal $60 billion long term debt, found jobs for eight percent of New Yorkers out of work or managed any significant agencies with large numbers of employees. Her ego — like predecessors Gifford Miller and Peter Vallone, Sr. — is using this office as a stepping stone to run for mayor. She brings no real qualifications for the second toughest job in America.

Perhaps she should try her hand at managing an evening shift at McDonald’s to see what life is like in the real world instead of grandstanding for political gain.

Larry Penner

Great Neck, N.Y.

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