Not hot for teacher

It’s time to Facebook the charges.

Two James Madison HS teachers caught testing out their tongues on each other — only after rumors of their tryst appeared on a Facebook page — have been hit with professional misconduct charges, Department of Education officials said Tuesday.

A suitable punishment has yet to be meted out against Alini Brito and Cindy Mauro, whose act of passion gave the Midwood high school the nickname “Horndog High.”

Last November a school janitor caught Mauro, a 33-year-old French teacher from Bay Ridge and Brito, a 29-year-old Spanish teacher from Queens, in a moment of passion inside a Madison classroom during a singing competition in the school auditorium.

Unlike Mauro and Brito, the salacious discovery was kept undercover, until word began to spread among the student body.

Soon a Facebook page dedicated to the scandal entitled “the infamous Ms. Brito rumor” helped catch the attention of anyone who didn’t know.

In the meantime, education officials suspended the two teachers and assigned them to other duties within the district pending the outcome of an investigation conducted by the Office of Special Investigations, which confirmed the allegations after a three-month probe.

A Department spokesperson would not comment on what kind of punishment the two women are now facing.

But Brito and Mauro aren’t the only teachers at James Madison engaged in off the books sex ed instruction.

A third teacher, 31-year-old Allison Musacchio, was accused of having a relationship with a student. Investigators discovered that 200 text messages were sent between the teacher and students over several months. A fourth female teacher from Madison was arrested earlier this year for allegedly making out with a teenage girl as she moonlighted as a coach at Poly Prep in Bay Ridge.