NYPD: Enraged driver pummelled cyclist

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Mean street

Cops say a crazed driver beat up a cyclist on Seventh Street on April 29.

The victim told cops he was riding his bike near Fifth Avenue at 5 pm when an aggressive driver cut him off. The cyclist then tapped on the car — to warn the driver he was too close — but the angry motorist stopped the car, stormed out, and whacked the cyclist in the head, police say.

The poor pedaler fell to the ground and the violent thug continued to punch him, according to police. Passersby then pulled the enraged motorist away from the cyclist and he drove away, leaving the biker with gashes on his face and a bloody nose.

Cops arrested a 54-year-old suspect the same day.

Heart, burned

A thief stole electronics and prescription pills from a van parked on Sterling Place on April 26.

The 31-year-old victim told cops he parked a white U-Haul near Fifth Avenue at 6:05 pm, then helped his friend carry some furniture into an apartment. He came back 20 minutes later and discovered a laptop, some text books — and even his heartburn medication — gone.

Disappearing Acura

A crook swiped a car parked on Sixth Avenue overnight on April 23.

The 31-year-old victim told cops he parked his black 2006 Acura near Berkeley Place at 7 pm, then came back at 9 am. That was enough time for the crook to swipe the $25,000 ride, leaving no sign of broken glass.

Whatta pain

Someone swiped a wallet from a medical center on Prospect Park West on April 19.

A worker at the Union Street facility told cops she set her bag down inside of an office at around 11 am. When she returned to it at 6:30 pm, she discovered her wallet and checkbook were gone.

The thief later used checks to make a $3,000 purchase.

Jewelry jacked

A perp swiped some expensive jewelry from a home on Prospect Park West sometime between November and April.

The 65-year-old victim told cops she placed some gold necklaces in a safe spot inside her home near Carroll Street at around 8 pm on Thanksgiving. She later hired contractors to fix up her pad. When she went to get the jewelry on April 19, it was missing.

Bar rat

A jerk snatched a purse from a bar-goer on Fifth Avenue on April 26.

The 36-year-old victim told cops she was in the watering hole near Carroll Street at 11:30 pm when she hung her purse on a hook under the bar, then walked away for a couple hours. That was enough time for the thief to grab it — along with a bra, medical gloves, and $400 cash inside the bag.

Bad ride

A pickpocket snatched a wallet from a straphanger on Seventh Avenue on April 25.

The 22-year-old victim told cops she was riding a Coney Island-bound F train near Ninth Street at around 9:15 pm, when she discovered her brown leather wallet — full of credit cards — gone. She later called her bank and discovered someone had used a card to make a $104 purchase.

— Natalie O’Neill

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