Obama is clueless on radical muslims

America has earned its title as fearless leader of the free world — until now.

The nation which has gone to the battlefield and back to uphold its ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is responding like a paper tiger to the radical Islamo-nuts rampaging across the globe and endangering American lives over perceived insults to their prophet.

The fear in the Oval Office, which has actually courted this abysmal moment, is beyond palpable.

That venerable institution is little more than a political ghetto these days, run by a clueless president whose grip on reality is so tenuous that he should be impeached for enabling our sworn enemies, not re-elected for four more years to fritter away U.S. wealth and run its world ranking into the ground.

President Obama’s legacy won’t be relegated just to the trillions he’s racked up in national debt, or his fudging of the national unemployment rate — he claims it’s 8.2 percent, but it’s closer to 14.9 percent when you figure in the part-time jobs that make up 50 percent of all the new ones he’s supposed to have created, and the folks too disheartened to even job-hunt any longer. A country must first actually exist for its national finances to matter, and Obama’s feckless foreign policy is coming home to roost at grave cost to our security and sovereignty.

He was overly confident that he could overturn the bad blood between the U.S. and the Muslim world simply because he was a black president with childhood ties to a Muslim nation and a Muslim first name — a package he buttered with a glut of cash and apologies, to no avail.

That community responded by vilifying America through an orchestrated campaign of terror that in recent weeks has included burning American flags, and Obama effigies, ordering its children to chant “Death to America,” attacking U.S embassies in Yemen, Egypt, and Libya — the latter the suspected handiwork of a former al-Qaeda terrorist released from Guantanamo Bay — and allegedly sodomizing the U.S. ambassador to Libya before murdering him and dragging his corpse through the streets.

Oblivious Obama has responded to the furor by campaigning with drug-dealer-turned-rapper Jay-Z and appearing on David Letterman, but declining to meet with the Israeli prime minister — our only ally in the explosive Middle East — to discuss Iran’s impending nuclear muscle, which is headed for Israel, and then here. Make no mistake.

Radical muslims are mobilizing against the West, and all roads to jihad point to Obama, whose deadly agenda now includes possibly freeing the blind sheik who masterminded the first World Trade Center bombing to gratify Egypt’s new Islamist regime.

It’s time to end the violent charade that has mocked western rationale.

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