Of crossing guards and future Rockettes

The union of service personnel — DC 37 — makes our schools run and keeps our children safe.

And for that, they are on Mayor Bloomberg’s hit list.

Apparently, the mayor thinks so little this institution, he’s looking to cut their valuable services. Nice work Mayor Bloomberg! Oh, and keep giving raises to your cronies!

These crossing guards are loyal, dependable and brave the worst of weather. You will never find more dedicated, more trustworthy or more ferocious guardians when the safety of the children they cross is endangered.

Fifteen years ago, the Bensonhurst West End Community Council honored the school crossing guards of District 21, and subsequently the food service employees, school safety officers and other valuable DC 37 union members.

The grateful feedback BWECC got from these employees was enormous; almost every individual that received an award said that it felt so good to be appreciated.

I am reminded daily of the diligent work school crossing guards perform every time I cross Bay 50th and Harway Avenue. In a split second I have to check to see if Anna Weinberg will stop my car because children are crossing. She’s something else, watching the four corners of the intersection and looking beyond to see the kids walking towards her. She’s never too busy to talk or say hello, but her eyes are always on the children and ready to spring into action.

Anna works with other crossing guards at PS 212, Robin Kane, Ann Marie Wojcik and Rita Kreiger — all of whom I’ve known for years — all dedicated and commendable.

Now its time for this grandpa to brag.

And when I say “brag,” I mean “complain.” Then I’ll brag.

When a child goes to dancing school, every blood relative you can invite, cajole or threaten is expected to come to the recital. We’ve had our share of them; most held in non air-conditioned high schools usually on the hottest of day of the year. We suffer for three hours to catch three minutes of twirling, turning and leaping for one of our darlings.

I wrote a column last year about my granddaughter Cassandra being enrolled in the Techniques Dance Studio in Long Island. So naturally this year grandparents Augustine and grandparents Santa Maria were in attendance to watch our beautiful granddaughter shine! Especially since she’s been advanced to kindergarten tap-ballet!

The Tilles Center of Performing Arts at CW Post College is a state-of-the-art, 2,200-seat theater and, on this occasion, was full of grandpas, grandmas, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers and neighbors who each shelled-out $24 for the coveted seat. The beautiful expansive grounds of the theater required me to bring my handicapped motorized scooter, which I failed to do last year.

The “Just Dance” show Techniques Dance Studio put on that Sunday was so fantastic that the opening number with four dozen tap dancers was enough to make the Rockettes proud. I gave a thunderous YEEEEAAAAAHs that yielded a stern warning and a dirty look from my wife … so I didn’t YEAH anymore, even though all the numbers deserved it.

Techniques Studio has been voted Long Island’s best children’s dance studio for 2010, and this was their 14th annul recital. The show, the choreography and the music in the 60 numbers, was incredible. The kids were so professional and the mix of numbers fantastic. These students guaranteed that the Rockettes will always have incredible replacements.

Cassandra told me after the show, “I knew it was you, Grandpa, I heard your YEAAHH!”

YEAAHH for Dance Techniques Kids!

Screech at you next week!

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