Off-duty cop sentenced to 60 days in prison for brutal road rage assault: DA

Sentenced: A judge sentenced former-cop Michael Baror to 60-days in prison for a road rage assault last year, despite the prosecutors requests for a harsher sentence.
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A judge handed down a 60-day prison sentence to a disgraced Brooklyn cop on June 26 for violently assaulting a man in Midwood last year, overruling prosecutors who were seeking a lengthier sentence, according to the District Attorney’s office.

Michael Baror, 25, was booted from the force after a jury convicted him on felony assault and weapons possession charges in March, following a brutal fit of road rage on New Year’s Day 2018, according to prosecutors.

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun issued the 60-day sentence — along with five years probation — to Baror on June 26, despite requests from the district attorney to lock up the discharged officer for a year, according to prosecutors, who noted that the convicted cop was facing a maximum of seven years in the big house.

The victim, 29-year-old James Nacmias, felt the crime warranted a lengthier sentence, but took solace in the fact that Baror was stripped of his badge.

“It was a light sentence, but I’m actually surprised he got any jail time. The DA was telling me he might not get anything, so that’s good,” he said. “The fact that he got thrown off the force is what I really wanted, because this was a complete abuse of power.”

Baror — who formerly patrolled Transit District 32 in Crown Heights — was off duty and driving his personal Jeep Cherokee when he rear-ended the car in front of him near the intersection of Avenue N and Bedford Avenue at approximately 10:30 p.m., investigators said.

Following the accident, Baror got out of his car and angrily brandished a black handgun, according to Nacmias.

“He hopped out of the car and yelled something like ‘Don’t f— with the NYPD.’ I didn’t even think he was a cop,” said Nacmias. “Usually a cop would show you a badge, not just whip out a gun and point it at you.”

After a brief verbal dispute, Baror pistol-whipped the much-smaller victim, and repeatedly hit Nacmias in the face with handcuffs, before getting back in his car and driving off, the victim said.

“I’m a small guy, like 5’7” and 140 pounds. He’s huge,” said Nacmias. “It wasn’t a fight.”

The bruised victim followed the off-duty patrolman in his car for several blocks, as both vehicles ran multiple red lights during a high-speed chase that ended when the victim’s car smashed into Baror’s, and the fugitive cop made a getaway before on-duty law enforcement arrived, authorities said.

Baror — who is seen on surveillance video with a full head of hair and a thick beard during the incident — was sporting a buzz-cut and a cleanly shaven face when investigators arrested him at his home the following day, according to prosecutors.

The cop used the makeover to claim that he was the victim of mistaken identity, telling the jury at his trial that he was not the assailant — a defense which Nacmias called laughable.

“When I learned of his defense I was shocked,” he said. “I thought maybe he would claim that it was self-defense or something, but when he said it wasn’t him, I couldn’t believe it. He’s on the video — you can see him clear as day.”

The District Attorney blasted the one-time cop’s conduct as particularly heinous in the face of his oath to protect and serve the city.

“There is no place on the streets of Brooklyn for road rage,” said Eric Gonzalez. “This defendant’s aggressive and violent behavior escalated… was made worse by the fact that he was a police officer at the time. He has now been held accountable.”

Nacmias said he was simply glad the experience was behind him.

“The whole thing was traumatic,” he said. “I’m just glad it’s over”

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