Oh, deer! Another dead animal shows up in Prospect Park

Oh, deer! Another dead animal shows up in Prospect Park
Community Newspaper Group / Stephen Brown

The butcher of Prospect Park is back.

A Windsor Terrace resident stumbled upon two black trash bags of discarded goat or deer parts — the latest evidence that a demented animal killer is slaughtering beasts and then dumping them in Brooklyn’s most beloved park.

The two sacks of detritus — one filled with guts, the other containing a gutted and decapitated deer or perhaps goat — were at the edge of the park near Parkside Avenue and Parade Place, about 30 feet from each other.

“I initially thought it was a dog,” said Alex Gurevich, who first eyed — or, more accurately, nosed — the bags on Sunday.

Whatever it was, it was certainly no surprise to park-lovers, many of whom have watched with increasing disgust the almost monthly incidents that began last March when some rocks along the park’s lakefront were found covered in blood.

A week later, chicken heads and animal guts appeared, then a dead dog, and a raccoon turned up by the lake.

Gurevich and others have suggested that the animals might be part of a Santeria ritual, but such practices tend to be accompanied by other items, such as grains, money and food.

Prospect Park spokesman Eugene Patron said that the animal “seems to be illegal dumping. … That’s pretty much it.”

He did say that the agency believes that the carcass was a goat — “something almost certain that doesn’t live in the park,” he added.

Community Newspaper Group / Stephen Brown