Oils bad that ends bad

The oil from the breached well has reached the beaches of all five Gulf states. Whose fault is that? BP, of course. The company caused the leak and is responsible for the cleanup, BUT, and a big BUT it is, our president must share in the responsibility of the dirty beaches.

He handed us the bull that he was on top of it from day one. We heard it from all of the left-wing commentators which, as everybody knows, comes from the talking points faxes. These talking points are the words that the current administration sends out every morning to support an argument. Sometimes the daily comments sent out are not honest. I doubt if the day-one talking points are true.

Within a handful of days of the catastrophic oil leak making national headlines, the United States was offered assistance from several countries. Why did our expert in the White House not accept help? How is it that he woke up about the necessary cleaning methods after 10 weeks?

I heard, and continue to hear, reasons about laws, rules, Jones Act and a whole lot of utter nonsense that are one great big crock of bovine excrement. This is the most powerful person in the nation and possibly on the planet. He could do just about anything he wants to do. He could have suspended laws and would have had a head start on the cleanup long before the oil hit the beaches. Yup. The Blamer-In-Chief must share in the responsibility and please — don’t write and tell me about the corruption during the Bush administration. The sleaze goes back a lot further than that and — bulletin, bulletin, bulletin — Bush is no longer in office. Obama’s presidency is pass the 18-month mark and it is about time that he accepts the responsibilities that go along with the title.

As of right now, many Americans are refusing to ‘filler up’ at BP stations. One large enthusiastic group feels that they can get their revenge on BP for causing the spill. Who can blame them?

Then there’s another group who seriously believe that BP was influential in the release of the Lockerbie bomber. Some in Congress are calling for investigations, and if we ever learn that BP really was involved in those negotiations for the release of the criminal who murdered a couple of hundred Americans, I will personally lead the parade to boycott those stations, no matter who owns them.

Me? I don’t subscribe to either of the two groups. I will not buy BP gas for a different reason. Some of the folks in the above two groups are very passionate in their feelings. I believe that it is just a matter of time before one or two fanatics attempt to get their revenge by sabotaging a gas station. I don’t want to be the driver who shows up the next morning to fill my tank with contaminated fuel. Am I being paranoid? Maybe, but with so many stations everywhere, I’d rather play it safe and patronize a different brand. I am [email protected] saying it’s only MY opinion. What’s yours?