Old-world quality at Brenman’s Meat Mkt.

Think you must be “old” if you can remember going to the butcher and having meat cut to order?

Not necessarily.

Brenman’s Meat Market (2496 Gerritsen Avenue, 718- 743-0555) is still doing business this way, showing a new generation that service and quality count. It’s a tradition they’ve carried out since 1927, and they have absolutely no intention of tampering with success. “We’re a dying breed,” admits owner Glenn Izzo.

Brenman’s sells only USDA prime all, natural no hormone beef, and “everything is custom-cut,” says Izzo.

But adhering to tradition doesn’t mean neglecting modern needs. Cooked food is available, too, for those who want quality cuts, but don’t have time to prepare them. “We’re home of the ‘butter steak,’ says Izzo. This mouth-watering, thin-cut London broil, in a homemade teriyaki sauce, has graced the tables of numerous homes in the neighborhood.

But this is just one of many. “Every day we serve different items,” says Izzo. “All are home-made by our chefs. Nothing is ever pre-bought.” Patrons can purchase fresh salads here as well, to complement the meat, providing a well-rounded meal for the family, assured that all is nutritious.

Izzo personally selects every piece of meat at the store, hand-picking cuts of the highest quality. Such knowledge has taken a lifetime to accumulate. Izzo started working at the store when he was 12 years old — more than three decades ago — when his dad, Edward, owned the shop. Edward, too, had worked his way up. He began his career working for a Mr. Basil, the shop’s second owner, as a delivery boy.

The history of Brenman’s Meat Market begins with Samuel Brenman, the original owner, whose name is still proudly displayed today.

As one might imagine, when a business has been in the area for as long as Brenman’s Meat Market has been, they know the neighborhood, and the neighborhood knows them. The shop is a pillar of the community, providing support for organizations, sponsoring teams, and helping establishments such as St. Mark’s, St. Thomas, Resurrection, and so many others.

“Many of our customers are second and third generation customers,” says Izzo. “We are proud to be part of their families, and they are part of ours.”

No matter what the occasion, Brenman’s is there, with catering of the highest caliber. “We make anything the customer wants,” says Izzo, no matter what size party you may be planning. They’ve served families in Gerritsen Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Marine Park, and Mill Basin.

The recently renovated store has expanded to even better meet the needs of their customers. “We’ve doubled our space,” says Izzo. Among the additions are new displays and more refrigeration.

“We strive to give our customers the best service,” says Izzo, and it’s offered to “every customer who walks through our door.”

Shop when it’s convenient for you. Brenman’s Meat Market is open Mondays through Saturdays, from 8 a.m. until 6:20 p.m., and on Sundays from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Delivery is free.

“We want to be your primary store for all your needs,” says Izzo. For more, check out their Web site, www.brenmans.com.

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