Oldster fights off fiend

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

She fought back!

An elderly woman fought off a robber on Myrtle Avenue on Sept. 17.

The 71-year-old victim told police the brute punched her several times and tried to grab her pocketbook but the feisty senior wouldn’t let go and the lout ended up fleeing empty handed it towards N. Portland Avenue at around 7:50 pm.

Delivery delinquents

Cops arrested two teens for allegedly trying to rob a delivery guy on Adelphi Street on Sept. 17.

The victim told police he dropping off a meal near Willoughby Avenue at 10:15 pm, when the 19- and 17-year-old suspects walked punched him in the shoulder, before demanding cash.

The two punks then fled in a gray getaway car, but the victim pursued on his e-bike, and was later able to point them out to police, cops said.

Booze bandit

A ruffian stole a 18-pack of beer from a Flatbush Avenue Ext. convenience store on Sept. 19.

A store employee told police the thief tried to walk out his ill-gotten brewskis near Fulton Street at 6 am.

When the worker tried to recover his booze, the crook threatened to punch him by waving his fist in front of his face, according to police.

The victim followed the nogoodnik to Atlantic Avenue Terminal, where the scallawag fled into the station towards the B and Q train platform, cops said.

Apple fanatics!

Thieves robbed the Flatbush Avenue Apple Store three times between Sept. 15-16.

The manager of the store between Lafayette and Fourth avenues told police that one looter broke into the store on Sept. 15 by pushing open the locked revolving door, before bagging two tablets and a keyboard, and fleeing towards Atlantic Avenue Terminal at 11 pm.

The next day, a purloiner went into the store around 2:45 pm and slipped a phone and wireless headphones into his pocket before making a run for it, a witness told police.

An hour later, another nogoodnik asked an employee to buy a phone and the second the worker brought it out and put it on the table, the shoplifter nabbed it and fled the scene.

Pedaling perp

Some crook robbed a cyclist on Cambridge Place on Sept. 20.

The victim told police that the jerk slugged between Greene and Gates avenues at 10:10 pm, before pushing him off his two-wheeler and pedaling away.

— Kevin Duggan