Olive oil isn’t just a food!

Olive oil isn’t just a food!

Olive oil is great to eat, but this old and revered key component of many culture’s cuisines goes beyond the kitchen, bringing benefits like healthier skin and happier house cats.

1. Personal moisturizer:

Olive oil can be rubbed in directly to the skin or lips for a natural, effective remedy for dry skin. Whether the olive oil’s smell is a pro or con is completely up to you!

2. Fight hair balls:

If you’re only feeding yourself and your family with olive oil, think again. Olive oil helps mixed in with your cat’s food can prevent cats from forming hair balls.

3. Snore control:

Many believe that a tablespoon of olive oil before bed can help relieve snoring. It might sound unlikely, but it might mean a restful night’s sleep, so why not give it a try?

4. Leather touch up:

Polishing your leather doesn’t necessarily require an expensive oil or expert care — applying a small amount of olive oil to worn leather might do just the trick.

5. Makeup and paint remover:

Makeup and paint dried to the skin can be a pain to remove, but rubbing in a bit of olive oil will take them right out. Just head for the kitchen cabinet, grab your bottle of olive oil, and your paint or makeup is gone!