One track mind? Asked about baseball, Rudy brings up 9-11

Nothing brings back the terrible memories of 9-11 like … a trip to MCU Park!

After throwing out the first pitch at the Cyclones’ home field last Wednesday, former mayor Rudy Giuliani couldn’t help but bring up his favorite subject.

Unprovoked, of course.

“I remember I came here the Friday before 9-11,” Giuliani said in response to a simple question about which team he would be rooting for in the game between the Cyclones or the Staten Island Yankees. “There was a beautiful view of the World Trade Center — there was a nice view of the towers from Staten Island’s ballpark, too.”

He reminisced a little more about the sight of the buildings whose destruction made him a national star. Then, Giuliani finally turned his attention to the great American pastime and finally got down to the question at hand.

“Look at Cory Vaughn,” said Giuliani, referring to the Clones’ right-fielder. “He’s looking good — 12 home runs, how about that?”

The ex-mayor — obviously feeling a bit nostalgic — also reminisced about his fight to bring minor league teams in the Yankees and Mets organizations to Staten Island and Brooklyn, respectively.

“I built this ballpark. It was one of my proudest political accomplishments while in office,” said Giuliani. “It was very controversial at the time — the Mets and the Yankees had initially been against the idea.”

In the end, the former Republican presidential candidate would not reveal whether he was pulling for the Clones or their hated rivals, but he did admit that he had gotten wind of the home team’s success.

“I know they’re doing really good,” said Giuliani, who was then whisked away in a black SUV.

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