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Opportunist snatches purse mistakenly left in restaurant

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Lost and taken

Someone lifted a woman’s bag from an Avenue U shopping center on Dec. 17.

The woman told police that she was in the center near E. 54th Street around 5:30 pm when she placed her bag down in a restaurant and accidently left it behind. When she realized her mistake and went back to recover it, the bag was gone, according to the police report.


Officers busted a man who they say used a forged credit card to make purchases at a Flatbush Avenue department store on Dec. 14.

Authorities say that two days earlier, the suspect went into the store between Avenues S and T and purchased more than $1,196 worth of goods.

Smash and dash

A nogoodnik broke into a car parked on Avenue N on Dec. 14.

Cops say the woman parked her vehicle near E. 59th Street around 8:15 pm and left it for 15 minutes, and when she returned she found her rear driver-side window broken into, and several items missing.

Police say the thief got away with a laptop, wallet, designer glasses, and her identification card, according to the report.

In and out

A marauder raided a car parked on Nostrand Avenue on Dec. 11.

The vehicle’s owner told cops that he left his car between Avenues K and J and ran into a store around 11:15 am. Upon returning, he discovered his door ajar and his wallet gone. Police say the victim thought he locked his doors.


A sneak thief swiped a bag from a car parked on Avenue N on Dec. 12.

The owner told police that she left her car near Ralph Avenue and went into a convenience store nearby around 8 am. When she returned to her car 15 minutes later, she discovered her bag containing her wallet and debit and credit cards were missing, according to cops.

— Alexandra Simon

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