Our hero! C Town manager is getting the word out about sexual assaults

Our hero! C Town manager is getting the word out about sexual assaults
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

A humble supermarket manager is doing a better job than the NYPD of informing Williamsburg women that a sexual predator is apparently on the loose.

Police are quietly on the lookout for a debauched man who sexually assaulted three women near L train at Graham Avenue and Grand Street late at night — but it was C Town grocery store manager Anthony Diaz who is spreading the word about the attacks.

Diaz alerted his customers on July 9 by posting about the crimes on the grocery store’s tumblr account — hours after a 90th Precinct detective approached Diaz and other Graham Avenue businesses for video that might have captured the criminal in action.

“Please be careful and take all the necessary precautions when travelling at night,” Diaz posted. “Stay safe, neighbors!”

Diaz’s Web slinging alarmed residents, who added comments on the site.

“Used to live off that subway stop,” wrote Meghan, a resident. “Be safe!”

Others warned their neighbors to be careful.

“That is my neighborhood, the Graham stop is my train stop, it does not get closer than that,” said Dan Baer, a Williamsburg resident.

Police have not put out an alert about the alleged attacks. An NYPD spokesman said he did not have any data regarding assaults at those train stations.

But assaults appear to be on the rise.

There have been 111 assaults in Williamsburg so far this year, a 17-percent increase from last year, and 21 have occurred in the past month alone.