Out on limbs! Tour the rest of Brooklyn through his skin art

Coney Island Boardwalk

The Parachute Jump and the Boardwalk wrap around Dyte's forearm.
Photo by Jason Speakman

His back is not the only place where his Brooklyn pride is on display.

Brooklyn Dodger

A Brooklyn Dodger on Dyte's right bicep commemorates the year the team won the World Series, its first and last championship as a Brooklyn team.

Photo by Jason Speakman

David Dyte wears it on his sleeves. And under his socks. And his pant legs.

“The Dragon of Brooklyn”

The silhouette of Brooklyn gets new life as a dragon over a banner reading “The Dragon of Brooklyn” in Dutch. Dyte says he has always thought that maps of Brooklyn resembled the mythical creature.

Photo by Jason Speakman

From shoulder to shin, Dyte is covered with tattoos depcting the iconography of his adopted hometown.

Brooklyn Bridge

The iconic span gets a little love on the back of Dyte's left arm.

Photo by Jason Speakman

We never get tired of extreme shows of devotion to our beloved borough, so we have compiled a sightseeing tour that readers can take without leaving their seats — or taking their eyes off Dyte’s abundant body art.

Cranlyn Building

The logo of the art deco Cranlyn apartment building in Brooklyn Heights is immortalized on a plaque — and on Dyte's shin.

Photo by Jason Speakman

Brooklyn Cyclones

Dyte may be the Brooklyn Cyclones's biggest Australian fan.

Photo by Jason Speakman

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