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oyPhone bandit strikes again!

Another oyPhone

A group of jerks attacked a man for his iPhone on S. Second Street on March 5.

The guy was near Keap Street at about 2:30 pm when a man came up and asked for the phone. The victim said no, and was subsequently attacked by a larger group of men who were hiding around the corner.

Most members of the group punched and kicked him while one of the thugs cut his wrist with a knife and another grabbed the phone. He was taken to the hospital where he refused further investigation.

Plastic thief

A dumb thief was arrested on March 3 after he held up a stroller-pushing woman on Division Avenue who had no money on her.

The victim was walking with her child at 9:32 am near Wilson Street when a man approached with a gun, partially concealed by a plastic bag. The thug demanded cash, but his would-be victim didn’t have any, so the thief grabbed her pocketbook and ran.

Police caught up with him later to find that the gun was a fake.

Phone or slug?

Three hooligans held up a man for two phones on Lynch Street on March 5.

The man told cops that he was near Union Avenue at about 8:40 pm when the three thugs loomed toward him — one of them wielding a handgun.

The gunman said, “Give me everything you have,” which turned out to be a wallet, two cellphones and a Metrocard.

Truck grab

A crook stole a parked Mitsubishi truck from Grand Street on March 5.

The owner left the car at a spot between Morgan Avenue and Waterbury Street at 11 am, and came at 1 pm to find his truck missing.

Fashion cops

Two ruffians stole a woman’s bag of clothes and laced her with pepper spray on Grand Street on March 7.

The woman was carrying her bag while unlocking her bicycle chain between Havemeyer Street and Marcy Avenue at around 10 pm when the two approached her.

One said, “We want your bag,” while the other hit her in the face with the chemical spray, leaving her choking on the sidewalk. The jerks made off with the clothes.

— Andy Campbell

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