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Painting a ‘Target’

Atlantic antics

Once again this week, the Atlantic Terminal Mall was a den of inequity during the Christmas rush. Here’s a roundup of all that went wrong:

• The crime wave started outside the mall at 8 pm on Dec. 14, when an unruly mob attacked a woman waiting for the bus in front of Pathmark. The victim said the gang overwhelmed her, pushing and shoving her, allowing a thief to take her wallet. It contained $250 and credit cards.

• The next day, a Christmas shopper at Target tried to walk out without paying for any of her gifts. It turns out that the shoplifter was an employee at the upscale discount emporium who was just getting off her shift at 7:30 pm, cops said. She tried to get away with something for everyone — $1,167 worth of goods that included toys, makeup, DVDs and baby clothes.

• A pickpocket found a victim at Daffy’s on Dec. 18. The victim told cops that was shopping at around 3:45 pm, but later realized that a thief had reached into her pocket and taken her wallet, which contained $100 and a $150 gift card.

Stocking stuffer

One 12-year-old is asking Santa for a new Sidekick, after a Grinch grabbed hers on the corner of Lafayette Avenue and Carlton Street on Dec. 15.

The gabbing tween told cops that was walking to school at 8:15 am when the thug came up behind her and grabbed the phone.

Silent day

As stealthy as Santa Claus, a thief got in and out of an apartment on Lafayette Street on Dec. 15 and without so much as displacing a poinsettia.

The victim was at work between 9 am and 5 pm. That’s when a crook sneaked into her apartment, located near Walker Street, and got her Mac laptop. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

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