Pair shot in Flushing Avenue projects

90th Precinct



Police are searching for a pair of gunmen who shot two residents of a Flushing Avenue public housing development on April 2.

The gunmen entered the building between Bushwick Avenue and Humboldt Street at 1:30 am and ran up to a second-floor landing, where they shot a 20-year-old man twice in the right torso and once in the left leg, and a 23-year-old man on the bottom of the right foot, cops said. Doctors expect both men to survive.


A scrap-metal collector named Q allegedly attacked a man with a metal pole on Grattan Streeet on March 31.

The 47-year-old victim told police that he was arguing with the scrapper at the corner of Porter Avenue at 9:30 am when the scavenger suddenly whacked him on the side of the head with a pole, splitting open his left ear and making his face swell up.

Gunpoint break

A pair of robbers held up a man at gunpoint on S. Fifth Street on April 1 and got away with $400, officers stated.

The 49-year-old victim reported that he was walking at Cooper Street at 10 pm when the dastardly duo approached him and one of them pointed a revolver in his face.

“Give me everything you got,” the one with the gun supposedly said.

“Check him,” the villain told his sidekick, according to cops.

The accomplice fished $400 out of the victim’s pocket, then the victim grabbed for the gun and it fired in the ensuing struggle, authorities stated. Both of the scoundrels skedaddled down Hooper Street.

Belt back

Cops cuffed a man after they say they witnessed him slapping a guy in the face with a belt buckle on Havemeyer Street on April 3.

The officers said they saw the 31-year-old suspect give the fellow the business at S. Second Street at 9:15 pm.

Police arrested the alleged assaulter and slapped him with an assault charge.

Tired of waiting

A motorist beat a fellow driver with a tire iron on Grand Street on April 3, cops said.

The victim said he was in his car between Gardner Avenue and 47th Street at 7:40 am when he started battling the other driver for space in traffic. The two auto-pilots both got out of their cars and started arguing and the aggressor grabbed the roadside tool and beat the victim in the ribs. The victim refused medical treatment and the assaulter fled in a black vehicle with Florida plates, according to authorities.

— Danielle Furfaro