Palin gets the Brooklyn cheer

Palin gets the Brooklyn cheer

Boy, there’s something about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin that Brooklynites want to openly mock.

At one under-construction tower in Williamsburg, that translated to a 100-foot-long banner poking fun at both the vice presidential nominee’s precious explanation to Katie Couric that she had foreign policy experience because she can see Russia across the Bering Strait from Alaska.

“Sarah Palin/Live here/See Wall Street,” reads the sign on the side of the Edge, a high-rise project going up on the waterfront at North Fifth Street.

Days later, Red Hook artist Dawn Robyn Petrlik got into the Palin mockery by helping Brooklynites get in touch with their inner Sarah.

Petrlik’s installation at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition show allows anyone — whether she is a hockey mom or he is a bona-fide Joe Sixpack — to pick up a cardboard rifle and pose for a free photo with a cutout of the Governor and her daughter Piper in front of a snowy backdrop and behind a slain caribou.

Petrlik will even let you don her fake fur coat for the photo shoot.

Red Hook artist Dawn Robyn Petrlik drew big crowds to her anti-Sarah Palin installation at the annual Brooklyn Waterfront Arts Coalition show. The piece allows people to pose with Palin, her daughter, guns and a dead caribou.
The Brooklyn Paper / Shravan Vidyarthi

The artist said she’s not anti-hunting, but that she felt Palin was a hypocrite for glorifying the slaughter of animals despite calling herself “pro-life.”

“We did it [partly] to be whimsical — and we thought we wouldn’t suffer from the publicity we might achieve from the banner,” said Jeff Levine, one of the builders of the Edge, the unfinished 30- and 15- story, 575-unit, Williamsburg condo project that is going up just as the market is going down.

“We weren’t worried about really offending anybody,” said Sarah Burke of the Developer’s Group, which is selling Edge condos.

If moose hunters or Palin voters are offended no one’s talking.

“Nobody has said anything negative. One person called and said: ‘I’m not really looking to buy [in the buildings], I just wanted to tell you that I love the banner.’”

The Brooklyn Paper / Shravan Vidyarthi

Clearly everyone — from artists to developers — are capitalizing on their own Palin-dromes.

“A Photo Op with Sarah Palin” runs on weekends through Oct. 26 at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (499 Van Brunt St., south of Reed Street in Red Hook). For information, call (718) 596-2506.