Park it at the park! Prospect Park getting new lot, pedestrian path

FIRST LOOK: We got a sneak peek at Prospect Park’s about-to-open ice rink complex
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

They put another parking lot in paradise.

Prospect Park is getting another parking lot as part of the final phase of the $74-million Lakeside project to redevelop the entire woodland. The new 120 spaces will replace an older parking lot that was much larger, and won’t take up any greenspace, according to the group that oversees the greens.

“It was, historically, a parking lot,” Prospect Park Alliance spokesman Eric Landau said. “What’s currently grass will remain grass.”

The lot, which is being built on Breeze Hill will only be open during the ice-skating season — from mid-October to March — whereas the previous 250-space lot was opened year-round, according to Landau. Drivers will be able to cruise in and out of the lot through another new road off the Lincoln Road entrance on Ocean Avenue.

Construction on the lot also include water basins that will improve drainage, Landau said.

Right next to the LeFrak Center, an ice-skating rink that opened in December that was transformed last month as a two-rink roller-skating complex, workers are also landscaping an area that used to be an entryway to the old parking lot. A new pedestrian path is also being installed that will run parallel to Park Drive from the parking lot to the facility. The 3.5-mile bridle path for horseback riding, which begins at the Park Circle entrance, is also being renovated.

The Prospect Park Alliance expects all construction to be finished in June.

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