Park Slope pub serves Twix bars wrapped in prosciutto

Park Slope pub serves Twix bars wrapped in prosciutto
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

A Park Slope bar is serving up an appetizer that combines the sweetness of dessert with the saltiness of Italian deli meat.

Uncle Barry’s Bar on Fifth Avenue has forged new culinary ground by wrapping the chewy, crispy caramel-chocolate goodness of a Twix bar with a zesty slice of prosciutto — wowing hungry barflies and sparking dietary dialogue, according to beer curator Matt Volner.

“It’s a conversation piece,” he said. “The delicate textures of the caramel and chocolate and the prosciutto really come out.”

To construct the not-so-elaborate snack, bar co-owner Jake Trebach retrieves an individually-wrapped chilled mini-Twix bar and strips away the plastic outer sheathing to reveal the delicate brown morsel within. He then takes a thin cut of salted and seasoned pork flesh, purchased from Blue Apron Foods on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Union Street, and carefully winds it tight around the chocolate. Finally, he impales the creation with a toothpick, and balances it on a rocks glass.

Volner recommends letting the concoction sit and warm up for a few moments before eating in order to relish it’s full, rich flavor.

Since Uncle Barry’s starting stocking the prosciutto-wrapped Twix bar in May, it has become popular among patrons — but Volner recommends enjoying the delicacy in moderation.

“Eating it every day, I don’t recommend,” he said. “But come in and try it. It’s two things people love, together.”

Prosciutto-wrapped Twix bars at Uncle Barry’s Bar [58 Fifth Ave. in Park Slope. (718) 622-4980]. One, $3; two, $5.

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One of a kind: This confection combines creamy chocolate, chewy caramel, cookie crunch, and damp, salty prosciutto.
Photo by Elizabeth Graham