Parking problem on Flatbush

77th Precinct

Prospect Heights

Sunglass snatch

A jerk swiped a pair of fancy glasses from a woman on Flatbush Avenue on May 13.

The 59-year-old victim told cops that she left her car in an underground lot near Plaza Street East at around 8:15 am, but when she returned to it at 4 pm, she discovered that her $559 Luxottica prescription sunglasses were gone from the cup holder.

She suspects the parking lot attendant.

Belt bash

A female bully beat up a girl on Dean Street on May 11.

The 15-year-old victim told cops that she was hanging out near Underhill Avenue at 3:20 pm when a girl whacked her in the face with a belt buckle, leaving a cut.

Cops arrested a 13-year-old suspect five days later.


A quick-moving jerk swiped a fancy cellphone from a woman on Eastern Parkway on May 11.

The 21-year-old victim told cops that she was leaving a subway station near Underhill Avenue at 3 pm when someone pushed her and snatched the iPhone from her hand before fleeing.

— Natalie O’Neill