Parking spot slasher

Sheepshead Bay residents are fighting to block a developer’s plan to build a three-story building with a valet parking lot that has only half the amount of spots that the zoning law requires.

“The street can’t withstand the traffic it has now!” said Morris Harary at the March 29 Community Board 15 meeting. “What kind of idiot developer decides to build something without enough parking on such a crowded street?”

Community Board members unanimously opposed the variance for a smaller parking lot that, if approved by the city, would have 23 spaces instead of the required 47. The lot will be located at the cellar level of a commercial building that’s under construction on Voorhies Avenue between E. 18th and 19th streets.

Property owner Rybak Yevgeniy plans to house a furniture store on the first floor and doctors’ offices on the second floor — with an unspecified amount of parking spaces reserved for their staffs, according to project lawyer Eric Palatnik.

Residents also fear that the retail shop and medical center would draw dozens of cars to the congested street that’s a stone’s throw away from the Sheepshead Bay Road train station and popular storefronts such as Wheeler’s bar. And the street — which has metered parking — is likely to be clogged by trucks unloading products into the furniture store, making the traffic and parking situation even worse.

“That building needs even more spaces than the required 47,” said Community Board 15 Chairwoman Theresa Scavo.

Even Palatnik admits that parking on Voorhies Avenue is already a problem.

“I often park in the Waldbaum’s lot and risk getting towed because I can’t find a space on the street,” Palatnik said at the community board meeting.

But Palatnik also insisted that the building doesn’t need 47 parking spaces, as most of the building’s patrons are likely to live within walking distance.

“Most people I know walk to their doctor’s office, so 23 spaces should be more than enough,” Palanik said.

Rybak Yevgeniy could not be reached for comment.

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