Pedestrians invade Marine Park bike path

The battle of the pedalers, power-walkers and pedestrians has begun!

Cyclists have been honking mad over walkers who they say hijack Marine Park’s bike path even though they have their own designated lane.

“It’s very frustrating that you’re trying to bike and the pedestrians are in the way,” groused Tracey Schwartz, who has had several close calls trying to avoid kids running amok in the lane.

The park’s great lawn is surrounded by two concrete paths, which are separated by a row of trees. The inner path is for cyclists and the outer path is for pedestrians.

Bicyclists say pedestrians wind up on their path because they don’t pay attention to signs posted around the track informing them of the separate lanes. To make the traffic flow easier, the city plans to install additional signs — but that might not help the most oblivious walkers.

“I never noticed the signs,” said Anna, a power walker in the bike lane who declined to give her last name. “I walked here because everyone else was walking here!”

To keep that from happening, the Parks Department is beefing up manpower.

“Two additional Rangers will patrol the park on bicycles to help enforce the rules from June 2 through mid-August,” a Parks spokesman said.

Of course, not all pedestrians are on the wrong track. Many are sticking to the outer track meant just for folks on foot — for their own good.

“That side is for bikes,” said Joseph Scool, as he strolled in the walkers lane. “It’s dangerous to go over there.”