84th Precinct: Perp re-arrested after attacking cops

84th precinct stationhouse
The 84th Precinct stationhouse in Downtown Brooklyn.
Photo by Kirstyn Brendlen


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Perp re-arrested after attacking cops

A baddie was re-arrested at Brooklyn Central Booking on Schermerhorn Street Jan. 17 after allegedly attacking a trio of cops.

Police said the cuffed criminal was being processed at the facility near Smith Street at about 8pm when he started to get agitated. Three officers stepped in to try to calm him down, but it didn’t work — the perp allegedly started kicking, biting, and headbutting the cops while yelling “I’ll kill all of you!”

Officers re-arrested the jerk, and all three were left with minor injuries.

Thief gets too real at The RealReal

Some thief stole a bunch of designer clothes from The RealReal on Court Street on Jan. 18.

Employees told police the bandit walked into the designer consignment shop near Dean Street at about 6pm and quickly got to work selecting items. With their arms loaded down with a Louis Vuitton-brand bag and clothing, plus a Balenciaga coat and Gucci pants, the sneak ran out the door without paying. The stolen merch was worth more than $7,000. 

A stolen feast at Trader Joe’s

A crook with expensive taste tried to steal a bunch of delicious food from the Albee Square Trader Joe’s on Jan. 18.

Cops said the rogue entered the store near Fulton Street at 8:30pm and started browsing the shelves. He allegedly selected steaks, bags of frozen shrimp, and some Kosher chicken and made for the door, passing the registers without pause. Luckily, the would-be thief was caught with the groceries — worth over $1,000 — on his person, and was arrested on the scene.

Worm poses as Wells Fargo

A worm pretending to be a Wells Fargo employee tricked a woman and stole a load of her money on Jan. 17.

The victim told police she received a call from an unknown number at around 11:30am. The caller said they were from Wells Fargo, and that there had been suspicious activity on her account and she needed to give them her details. Hoping to curb any further thievery, she did — but the person on the end of the line was a swindler, not a concerned banker.

The victim quickly realized she had been tricked when the thief transferred $24,000 into their own mysterious account. 

Cash stolen from parked car

Some creep broke into a car parked on Gold Street while the owner ran errands nearby and stole cash on Jan. 17.

Police said the victim parked his car near Concord Street at about 5pm while he shopped for groceries nearby. The car was locked up tight, but when the man returned about 20 minutes later, he realized his back passenger-side window was smashed in, and the car was in disarray. Luckily, it seemed the looter was only interested in cash, and didn’t steal any other belongings. Unluckily, they did make off with about $1,400.