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Perps stick up Bedford bodega

94th Precinct


Triple threat

Police arrested a suspect who they say stole from a bodega on Bedford Avenue with two accomplices on Dec. 23 — using the old distract-and-plunder technique.

Police said the trio went into the store between N. Eighth and N. Ninth streets at 11:28 am and one of them stole goods, including the tip jar, while the other two distracted the clerk. The three left the store, but one of them started cursing at a witness and they were stopped by cops outside, investigators say.

No kicking

A suspect was arrested after he allegedly kicked an acquaintance several times during an argument on Greenpoint Avenue back on Oct. 5.

Police said the two men were between West Street and Transmitter Park at 12:45 pm when they started arguing. One of them suddenly became violent and kicked the other man, fracturing his rib and causing him great pain, said police.

The suspect was charged with two counts of assault, menacing, and harassment.

— Danielle Furfaro

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