Phone swiped through turnstile

Turnstile twerp

A quick-handed thief reached through a turnstile and stole a man’s cellphone in the Bedford Avenue L-train station on Nov. 23.

The victim told cops that he was standing in the mezzanine and talking on the phone in the station, which is near N. Seventh Street, at about 12:30 pm. The perp reached through the metal gate and snatched the phone, then fled the station.

Arms arrest

A gun-toting jerk was arrested — and two of his friends are still on the loose — after he held up a man on Graham Avenue on Nov. 26.

The victim told cops that he was near Maujer Street at about 6 pm when three thugs approached from behind, all of them flashing guns. One of them held a pistol in his face while another ran his pockets before all three took off with the victim’s cellphone, watch and earrings.

Cops later caught up with one of the perps, a 20-year-old, and got the victim’s property back. But two jerks got away.

Cash burg

Some thieves broke into a Nassau Avenue apartment and took everything of value on Nov. 24.

The tenant told cops that she arrived at home, which is near Hausman Street, at about 6 pm to find the door busted open. Inside, she realized that a laptop and $2,100 in jewelry and cash were gone.

Daily grind

A burglar was arrested for breaking into a Dupont Street garage and stealing a grinding tool on Nov. 24.

Details are sketchy, but the victim said that he witnessed the 45-year-old perp burglarize his garage, which is near McGuinness Boulevard, at about 11:20 pm. He called cops, who caught up and collared the thief — grind-handed.

150 Dupont St.

Taxi driver

Cops are looking for an irate taxi driver who attacked a woman and her boyfriend on Nassau Avenue on Nov. 25.

The victims told cops that their driver stopped near McGuinness Boulevard during an argument at about 1:30 am. At some point the driver said, “Get the f—k out of my car” and pulled out a metal pipe to try and smack the woman’s boyfriend — but she got in the way and took a heavy blow to the forearm instead. The two victims fled and the driver sped away.

Dolt cutters

Some thugs broke into a tool truck that was parked on Kingsland Avenue and stole a bunch of electrical supplies on Nov. 26.

The victim, who works for Luna Lighting in Greenpoint, said he realized that someone had used bolt cutters to open the truck — which was parked near Norman Avenue — at about 8 am. Inside, assorted electrical tools and cables were missing. The perps left the bolt-cutters nearby, but they got away.

Car theft

A jerk stole a 1996 Chevy Blazer from Norman Avenue near Monitor Street on Nov. 25.

The victim said that he parked his truck legally that morning, and when he returned to it at about 11 pm, it was gone.