PHOTOS: Gators, trains, and snacks, oh my! Dressed-up dogs flock to 24th annual Great PUPkin costume contest

Dog wearing a wordle costume
A pooch dressed as the hit word game Wordle entered the 24th annual Great PUPkin dog costume contest at Fort Greene Park on Saturday.
Ximena Del Cerro

Hundreds of people gathered in Fort Greene Park on Saturday to see tail-wagging dogs dressed up in their best Halloween costumes during the 24th annual Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest. From movie characters to great looking-food and iconic New York City locations and people, the lovingly-crafted costumes were met with the crowd’s non-stop applause.

People watching dog parade in halloween
The event captured the attention of hundreds of attendees while contestants showed off their costumes. Ximena Del Cerro
entrant in fort greene dog costume contest
An enthusiastic mariachi ready to perform in Fort Greene Park. Ximena Del Cerro.

This year’s competition was judged by Dierdre Stone of the Fort Greene Park Conservancy, writer and podcaster Evan Ross Katz, founder of Dogs of NYC Candy Pilar Godoy, and councilmember Crystal Hudson. Though each dog was greeted with thunderous applause and much enthusiasm from the crowd and the judges, three were lauded as “top dogs.” In third place — a trio dressed up as an express subway train. In second — a black-and-white pup dressed as an IKEA stool, accompanied by her owners in cobalt-blue IKEA shirts.

dog dressed as juniors cheesecake
It wouldn’t have felt like Brooklyn without Junior’s iconic cheesecake — just watch out for the fur! Ximena Del Cerro
great pupkin dog in train costume
For once, the 2 train was running smoothly on Saturday — perhaps because French bulldogs were operating it during the 24th annual Great PUPkin dog costume contest. Ximena Del Cerro

Last but certainly not least, a precocious pooch perched atop a stack of mattresses dressed as “The Princess and the Pea” — with her owner featuring as the pea — won first place.  

The beloved yearly tradition is hosted by the Fort Greene Pups, a local group that has spruced up Fort Greene Park with new benches, dog poop bag holders and water bowls and regularly holds dog-friendly events and volunteer cleanups.

dog dressed as dumplings
Who can resist some gyozas? Ximena Del Cerro.
dogs dressed as peter pan characters
Some participants reenacted entire movies. Peter Pan and Captain Hook rode on a crocodile cart. Ximena Del Cerro
dog costume with people as
One contestant, wore a Brooklyn Bridge costume and was accompanied by Lady Liberty and the Empire State Building. Ximena Del Cerro
dog dressed in sombrero at great pupkim
It was a true fiesta in Fort Greene Park on Saturday afternoon. Ximena Del Cerro
Dog dressed as corn
Look at this corn!. This pug couldn’t imagine a more beautiful thing. Ximena Del Cerro