Pier 6 settlement talks fail, judge to hear, decide on case

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A lawsuit over two controversial towers planned for Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park lies in the hands of the court after reps for the green space and Brooklyn Heights Association failed to reach a settlement, according to the civic group’s lawyer.

“There was an attempt to settle and the next thing is an argument on the merits. We are looking forward to being heard by the judge on the merits of the claims,” said attorney Richard Ziegler.

The litigants had previously spent the majority of their court appearances behind closed doors in state Supreme Court Justice Lucy Billings’ chambers trying to work out a deal they both could live with. Last Wednesday, reps for the park and Heights Association shuffled in and out of the private discussions for two hours. The next day, the civic group told the Brooklyn Eagle they had made no progress and the case will move on to arguments, “barring further discussions.”

The Heights Association is alleging the park has plenty of cash and is violating its agreement to only build as much housing as it needs to sustain the meadow. And green space honchos say they need the money from the two towers at the foot of Atlantic Avenue to fund maintenance on the timber piles holding up the pier over the East River from wood eating crustaceans called marine borers.

The groups will have an opportunity to make their arguments on either June 7 or June 9.

The Brooklyn Heights Association did not return a request for comment.

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