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Pier-less future? The Explainer

A city plan to evict the operators of Red Hook’s working cargo port from Port Authority–owned piers ran into opposition last week when 21 officials sent a letter urging the bi-state agency to give the dockworkers a new 10-year lease. Rep. Jerrold Nadler, Council Speaker Chris Quinn and Councilman David Yassky were among the signatories of the letter.

So, what’s wrong with that?

All three pols have received hefty campaign contributions from the owner of American Stevedoring, Inc., which operates the port.

What would the city do with the piers?

The city wants to expand its passenger cruise ship terminal and add in a maritime museum, a fancy brewpub and other supposed tourist magnets.

Wouldn’t the city plan bring new jobs to Red Hook?

Perhaps, but the city made that same promise when it said the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal would create hundreds of jobs — but it only created 14. ASI employs about 100 people.

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