Pinched puppy found!

Cops arrested the thieves who allegedly stole this cuddly little Yorkie, but the $1,400 dog remains at large.
Courtesy of David Dietz

Marine Park’s most-wanted pooch is back home!

An unnamed Yorkshire Terrier puppy filched from a Flatbush Avenue pet store on Feb. 16 is back home following a cloak-and-dagger-style negotiation with a woman who has been taking care of the cuddly canine for the last three weeks.

The thieves responsible for taking the dog were arrested on March 2, but no one knew who they had given the puppy to until yesterday, when a woman called the shop, store employees said.

The woman, who didn’t identify herself, said she wanted to return the dog to Puppy Paradise, but didn’t want to be held culpable for the theft, telling employees that she would call back later to let them know the spot where the dog could be found.

That call — and the wild goose chase that followed — came earlier today: the woman phoned in, telling employees that she left a note tacked to a tree at the corner of E. 87th and Farragut Road in Canarsie with more information.

Employees raced over to the corner and found the note, only to learn that the dog had been left at the Floridian Diner on Flatbush Avenue — which is about three blocks away from Puppy Paradise.

Store employees raced over to the diner, where the restaurant staff had already found the box sitting atop the diner’s claw vending machine. The puppy was obviously frightened, but looked fine, Floridian Diner workers said.

The stolen puppy, which was never named, is quite valuable — the pooch’s disappearance was a huge hit for Puppy Paradise owner David Dietz, whose business is struggling to pay its bills.

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