Piping mad: Thief raids Marine Park salon

Yanked away

A thief armed with a pipe tried to knock over an Avenue U nail salon on April 14 — but ended up getting thrown out before he could take any money.

Workers were inside the business, which is near Coleman Street, at 1:30 am when the thief came in and reached for some money left on a desk.

When a worker grabbed the money first, the thief raised his pipe — only to have an employee show him the door.

Threatened out of cash

Two goons robbed a 26-year-old man on Avenue U on April 14, stealing $93.

The victim was approaching Mill Avenue at 2:40 pm when the thieves approached, threatening to shoot him.

Gunning for cash

A thug pulled a gun on a 21-year-old on Farragut Road on April 13, taking the man’s cash, cellphone and clothes.

The victim was walking by E. 56th Street at 11 pm when the suspect flashed his weapon — pointing it at the man’s face.

Utica car jack

Two gunmen swiped a 2007 Toyota Camry from a woman idling on Utica Avenue on April 15.

The victim was sitting between Avenues H and I at 3:10 pm when one of the thieves approached her window with a gun in his hand.

“Miss, get out of the car,” the thief ordered before both men sped off with the vehicle.

Stapler strike

A 43-year-old woman was arrested on April 15 after she beaned a relative in the head with a stapler during an argument inside their Flatbush Avenue apartment.

The unwanted stapling took place between Avenues K and L at 12:25 pm, police said.

Store raid

A thief broke into the Chin Jin 99-Cent store on Avenue U on April 10, pilfering the register.

Workers at the store, which is between E. 23rd and E. 24th streets, said the thief removed the hinges to the back door before coming inside sometime after 9 pm.

The thief emptied the register and swiped the memory unit from the surveillance cameras, so no one knows who he is.

Fiendish flag bearers

Two thugs — their faces covered with small Haitian flags — tried to force their way into a 27-year-old man’s home on E. 72nd Street on April 8, but ended up taking nothing.

The victim was inside his apartment, which is near Avenue K, at 1:15 pm when the two masked marauders began pounding on his door.

“Open this door or I’ll blow a hole through it,” one of the thieves threatened.

But the thieves never acted upon their threats: they ran off as the victim called 911.

Shoved and robbed

A thug threw a 28-year-old woman to the ground during a purse snatch on Avenue M on April 8.

The purse swipe took place at 11:36 am near Ryder Avenue.

Terror trio

Three goons surrounded and robbed an 18-year-old woman on E. 52nd Street on April 10, taking her music player.

The thieves pulled a handgun on her during the 2:40 am exchange between Avenues K and L.

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