Pirate strips boat engine and battery

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Loot and plunder

A pirate stole boat equipment on Huntington Street on Oct. 26.

The victims noticed their 2007 Yahama f50 TLR vessel’s engine and marine battery were stolen from near Smith Street at 5 pm, according to police.

Basement bandit

A sneak took tools from a man’s Van Brunt Street basement on Oct. 8.

Cops say the nogoodnik stole one power drill and battery park, as well as drill bits, from the victim’s home near Bowne Street at 5 pm.

Road rage ruffian

A lout assaulted a man on Atlantic Avenue on Oct. 28, police said.

The victim was stopped at a red light in his car near Hicks Street at 11:40 am when the lowlife approached his window, said, “Why you stopping like that?” and punched him in the face, according to police.

Police said that the brute then punched and broke the victim’s rear driver’s-side window.

Everything but the car

A looter stole items from a man’s car on Clinton Street on Oct. 25.

The thief entered the unlocked car near Atlantic Avenue at 10 pm and stole an Audi Q5 car key, garage key, bottle of cologne, and driver’s license, according to police.

Package grab

A man stole an iPhone from an apartment building’s lobby on Tiffany Place on Oct. 26.

Cops say the sneak swiped the package containing the iPhone XR from the building near Hicks Street at 2:46 pm.

— Kevin Duggan