‘Plumbers’ rob granny

Fake plumbers

Two bums jacked jewelry from a 72nd Street house after scamming an 80-year-old woman into letting them inside.

The victim told cops that she was near her home, which is between Sixth Avenue and Gatling Place, at around 4 pm when the pair of perps, dressed as plumbers, approached and said that they needed to check for a water main break.

The lady welcomed them inside, but was later horrified to find that they had jacked her jewelry while she was in the next room.

Colonial Caper

Thieves swiped gold jewelry and a Dell laptop from a Colonial Road apartment on New Year’s Eve.

The victim told cops that she had left her crib, which is between 71st Street and MacKay Place, at around 7:40 pm. When she returned early this year, three watches, a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet and her computer were gone. A neighbor told cops that she saw two unknown dudes loitering outside the apartment just after midnight.

Food break

Someone broke into an 87th Street lounge overnight on Dec. 28 to steal at least $4,500 on Dec. 28.

The owner of Cosmoss, which is between Fourth and Fifth avenues, told cops that he closed up shop at 9:30 pm. When he returned the next morning, he saw that the fire door lock was clipped and the cash was gone from the register.

Con fusion

Some unsatisfied customer swiped the purse of an employee at a Fourth Street Asian fusion restaurant.

The working woman told cops that she was manning the register at Illusion, which is between 68th Street and Bay Ridge Avenue, at around 2 pm. She left her purse on the counter behind her, and someone swiped it when she wasn’t looking. The satchel contained cash and cards.

Broken glass

Some thug smashed two glasses in the head of a fellow patron at a Third Avenue bar on 2:30 am on New Year’s.

The victim, who was not seriously injured, told cops that he did not know the dude who hit him with his empty drinks at AM, which is between 72nd and 73rd streets.

— Alex Rush