Plus, Mrs. Maxwell’s Bakery has the light stuff

East New York

Three baguettes and a scone to Mrs. Maxwell’s Bakery for looking out for our sweet tooth and our environment. The venerable bakery (since 1928) has partnered with Con-Edison’s Small Business Energy Efficiency program to save “wats” of energy and cash, approximately $7,000 in energy costs to date. Now that’s a lot of cookies. Con Ed came in and provided 71 fluorescent lamps, replaced dozens of other fixtures and lamps and installed 14 LED lamps, which allowed Mrs. Maxwell’s to save big. The bakery paid 30 percent, and Con Ed picked up the rest. No wonder Borough President Markowitz decreed Aug. 9 as “Mrs. Maxwell’s Bakery ‘Go Green’ Celebration Day.” Our pal Marty knows a deal when he tastes one.

Mrs. Maxwell’s Bakery [2700 Atlantic Ave. at Vermont Avenue in East New York, (718) 345-7400].

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