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Pol takes a U-turn on speed camera issue

Bay Ridge and Marine Park state Sen. Marty Golden cast aside his support of a bill that would double the number of speed cameras in school zones citywide and is now pushing a bill requiring stop signs or traffic signals near school zones across the five boroughs, he announced on June 23 (“Slamming the brakes: Golden casts aside speed camera bill in push for stop signs, traffic lights near schools,” by Julianne McShane, online June 28). Golden’s prior support for the speed cameras, which he announced last month, amounted to a reversal of his years-long opposition to them: in 2013, he blocked legislation that would place up to 40 of the devices near select schools around the city, insisting that officials should instead hire more traffic cops and install more traffic lights, speed bumps, and stop signs near learning houses. Here are some reader reactions to Golden’s latest position on the issue:

Thank you Marty! There is at least one politician left that will stop this massive theft of taxpayers. Have police in front of schools enforcing traffic laws, and speed bumps to wreck the cars of speeders.

Henry Ford from Bay Ridge

Good — who wants constant government surveillance? It’s creepy.James from Park Slope

The police need to enforce traffic rules and ticket drivers who text, hold cellphones, make illegal U-turns, don’t signal, run lights and stop signs and speed. Included are cracking down on motorized bikes used by deliverymen and bike riders, who cause accidents by not obeying traffic rules. Double-parked cars should not be tolerated; even those who block traffic on Coney Island Avenue in front of mosques. These will be more effective than any traffic cameras, which sound good, but are really for show, not substance.

Also, parents need to be educated, when crossing the street with their babies in strollers, to look first, then enter the intersection with the stroller, rather than just entering the street first pushing their babies.

Jill from Kensington

Sorry Jill, but you’re flat wrong. Since the cameras were installed speeding has dropped in those school zones by 22 percent. There is no way the NYPD could/would set up speed traps to be this effective. Of course automated traffic enforcement must be used properly. False tickets and setting things up in a way that entraps people is not acceptable. But when they’re used properly as they have been in this case, they are very effective and MORE than fair. Enough whining about privacy. Driving a car is a privilege, not a right. The cameras have been proven to make the streets safer for children (and everyone else). If you can’t get on board with that, you’re just as selfish as Marty Golden.

Alex from Park Slope

Hey, Hey Marty G — How Many School Zones Did You Speed Through Today?

@SenMartyGolden doesn’t give a damn who speeds through school zones or who kills your kids, because he’s a principal offender. Three reasons Senator Golden opposes speed cameras:

• They show how ineffective the NYPD is, and Marty’s in the pocket of the PBA’s Pat Lynch

• Marty would lose his car and license

• Marty is a sociopath who enjoys speeding, running reds and getting away with it because he’s a cop-backed public official.

Peter Engel from Fort Greene

Why not just install speed humps like has been done on so many residential streets where speeding is reported to be a problem? And Marty, while you’re at it have them up the speed limits on Queens Blvd. and Ocean Pkwy. to 35 mph; 25 mph is ridiculously too slow.

John S from Queens

I wonder what is the auto insurance premium that Senator Golden’s car is paying – is the auto insurance premium paid by taxpayers because the car is official use?

MJ from Bay Ridge

Marty really stabbed us in the back. The 68 Prec doesn’t enforce moving violations. You can have all the stop signs in the world and they are useless when the 68 patrol cars ignore violations. I’d like to see sped cameras, red light cameras and stop sign cameras.

John from Bay Ridge

If they want to slow down traffic, just install speed bumps. No one can speed then. It’s not about catching, it’s about safety, right? Or is this just about making money?!Claire

The sitting Rock-to-Ridge congressman clinched the Republican nomination in the June 26 primary race, beating back a challenge from Michael Grimm, the convicted felon who formerly held the seat. Incumbent Rep. Dan Donovan skated past the admitted tax cheat by a nearly 28-percent margin, according to the New York Times.(“Incumbent Rock-to-Ridge congressman beats tax cheat in GOP primary ,” by Julianne McShane, online June 27). During the campaign for the nomination for the 11th congressional district — which includes Staten Island and Bay Ridge — the pair sparred over whose policies more closely mirrored those of President Trump, but the president ultimately threw his support behind Donovan last month. The primary’s over, but opinions keep coming:

Good for him. Now can the Democrats vote and beat this guy?

Charles from Bklyn

Democrats only win when dead people vote. This country is done with the party that supports MS-13, desecrating the flag, and our President.Henry Ford from Bay Ridge

What a nauseating spectacle. Donovan and Grimm competing to see who can get their lips deeper into Trump’s rectum. True New Yorkers know that Trump is a corrupt, oft bankrupt, con man/ grifter.

John from Bay Ridge

Big-hearted Brooklynites celebrated refugees and the local organizations that help them acclimate to life in Kings County at a bash at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music — a century-plus old institution with a diverse history that made it the perfect place for the festivities, a staffer said (“In unison: Locals, immigrants celebrate World Refugee Day with party at music conservatory,” by Julianne McShane, online June 26).

The second-annual World Refugee Day Festival showed immigrants who flee their countries for Kings County that there are people here who are ready to greet them with open arms. Here’s what some of our readers said about the festivities:

If they’re truly refugees, why aren’t they stopping in other safe countries along the way (like Mexico, Jordan, etc.)? The truth is they’re economic migrants coming for money. That’s fine, but then should do the normal immigration paperwork and qualifications like anyone else. They’re making it harder for the people who really need help and cheating the system for their own economic advantage. It’s a common, but unfair tactic to confuse immigrants and asylum seekers. 90 percent of them are just immigrants.Blaine

Why on earth would these “refugees” try to come into this country with little children knowing Trump is president? What are they fleeing exactly? Go to Cancun and take refuge in the swank resorts —the libs will come to your rescue if they dare try to boot you. Right? They are all-inclusive so you can take all your meals without having to leave the premises. All the SJWs could then protest in front of the Mexican embassy demanding the refugees be allowed to stay in the hotels otherwise they will boycott Mexico and all things Mexican. But I’m dreaming, this would never happen because it does fit the anti-Trump agenda.

Josh from NYC

My grandparents were observant Jews who escaped the Soviet Union, yet they were called Communists. My mother escaped the Hungarian Communist government, but she was separated from her parents, who were sent to jail for trying to come the United States. My grandmother got help from HIAS when she arrived to this country, and I and my family are proud to stand with others who are facing similar persecution.Raul from Brooklyn

The city’s plan to make a pair of bike lanes safer for cyclists who use them to cut across Fort Greene and Clinton Hill falls short because the paths lack solid barriers that separate drivers from bike riders, according to a local transit guru (“Seeking protection: City must install barriers along new dedicated bike lanes in Ft. Greene and C’Hill, cyclists say,” by Julianne Cuba, online June 27).

The Department of Transportation’s plan calls for reconfiguring two current Vanderbilt Avenue bike lanes that run between Flushing and Atlantic Avenues, but the new pedaler’s paths are not parking-protected, leading Brian Howald of Community Board 2’s Transportation Committee to declare the agency “can be bolder in terms of pursuing protected bike infrastructure, given ridership.” A couple of our readers rode in with their own opinions:

I say just have cyclists follow the traffic laws. This won’t even cost as much as having to build some of those hardly used bike lanes. Then again, we will probably be hearing many of the bike zealots crying foul to that, and they will claim that they are always above everyone else and whatever they need must always outweigh everyone elses’ needs.Tal Barzilai from Plesantville, NY

Thanks but no thanks, DOT.

Clermont doesn’t connect across Atlantic and unless there is a protected lane on Fulton, I’ll avoid that stretch of lawless-driver hellhole. In this neighborhood, drivers can’t figure out how to follow the law and the NYPD is just fine with that, leaving cyclists to go one-of-one with fossil-fuel steel missiles. I’ll just keep riding on Clinton, nice and slow so that I can hold up traffic and appreciate the lack of any safe infrastructure, just like the rich folks like it.Boeings and bikes from Park Slope

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