Police confirm one arrest following MetroTech Center shooting in Downtown Brooklyn

Police confirm one arrest following MetroTech Center shooting in Downtown Brooklyn
Photo by Aidan Graham

Cops arrested one man following a shooting at the MetroTech Center in Downtown Brooklyn Thursday, according to police.

Multiple witnesses reported hearing a single gunshot from inside the public plaza at the center of the Downtown office complex at around noon on Sept. 26, before two men sprinted south through the promenade. One of the men was seen cradling what appeared to be a pistol in the pocket of his yellow sweatshirt.

“I’ve never seen anyone run so fast,” said Jeanne Eisenhardt, a saleswoman at Brooklyn Paper’s parent company Schneps Media, who was dining outside Café Metro at the time.

Both men fled the plaza heading east on Myrtle Avenue toward Flatbush Avenue Extension, although Police Department spokesman Det. Hubert Reyes could only confirm one arrest.

There were no injuries as a result of the shooting, but the incident resulted in some collateral damage in nearby Clinton Hill.

A police cruiser from the 88th Precinct responding to the MetroTech shooting smashed into a civilian car at Dekalb and Clinton avenues at 12:13 pm, according to Reyes, who said all occupants of both vehicles suffered minor injuries.

Police discovered the firearm disposed among a pile of trash.
Photo by Aidan Graham

The cop car was heading west along Dekalb Avenue when the officer behind the wheel plunged through a red light at Clinton Avenue and struck the civilian vehicle as it traveled north along Clinton Avenue, flipping the passenger car, according to witnesses.

“The other car had the light and went through, and the cop rammed the car and the car went over,” said Nick Gangone, a student at nearby St. Joseph’s College.

Police officers setup a crime scene at Duffield Street and Willoughby Avenue near the shooting, where one of the suspects stashed a firearm in a city garbage can, according to an officer at the scene, who noted the pistol may be a replica.

– Additional reporting by Kevin Duggan, Chandler Kidd, and Aidan Graham

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A cop car smashed into another car, flipping it on its side, at DeKalb and Clinton avenues in Clinton Hill on Sept. 26.
Photo by Kevin Duggan