Police cuff man for allegedly hitting victim with a rock


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Rock rascal

Police arrested a man for allegedly hurling a rock at a man’s head inside a Flatbush Avenue Ext. store on July 6.

The victim told police that the suspect allegedly threw the large rock at him near Fulton Street at 7:15 am, causing cuts to the victim’s head, before running off.

Police nabbed the suspect on July 7 just before 2 am at the same location and arrested him on felony assault charges, according to police reports.

Scooter gunman

An armed baddie on a scooter ambushed a guy at gunpoint with a cadre of teenage accomplices on Gates Avenue on July 5.

The victim told police that the two-heeled pirate smacked him in his head with the gun at Cambridge Place at around 11:40 pm, before one of the other villains snatched his phone and cash. 


A gun-toting brigand robbed a man on Waverly Avenue on July 2.

The victim told police that the knave jumped him with a black gun and took his phone and wallet between Myrtle and Willoughby avenues at 5 pm

Underground attack!

A pair of goons violently robbed a man at the Atlantic Avenue Q-train platform near Flatbush Avenue on July 1.

The victim told police that he got off the southbound train at the stop near Hanson Place at around 9 pm when the two crooks punched him several times and stole his wallet and watch.

Bike bandits

A group of hucksters nabbed a man’s e-bike on Grand Avenue on June 29.

The victim told police that one of the malefactors asked him for directions between Lexington and Greene avenues just before noon, when the other two bandits pushed him to the ground and rolled away with his two-wheeler.