Police: Grocery store clerk chucks soda bottle at customer

94th Precinct


Explosive situation

A Manhattan Avenue grocery store clerk was arrested for attacking a customer with a bottle of soda on June 5, cutting his face, according to police.

The victim told police that he went to the grocery store at 7:25 pm to buy some soda. He handed the clerk money, but the clerk told him that he wanted more money, police stated.

When the victim did not have it, the clerk allegedly picked up a 20-ounce bottle of soda and threw it in the victim’s face. Cops charged the clerk with assault.

He spoked him

A teenager trying to evade arrest on Maspeth Avenue on June 2 crashed his bike into the arresting officer, but was eventually cuffed, cops said.

Police said they tried to arrest the teen near Debevoise Avenue at 12:10 pm, but the teen rode on his bike, knocking over the officer and injuring his knee. Then he flailed his hands and feet to avoid being cuffed, according to the police report.

When they caught him cops charged him with assault.

Run off

A sneaky robber grabbed a phone out of woman’s hand on Humboldt Street on June 1 as she was checking her text messages.

The victim told police that she was checking her text messages at 10:15 am when a guy grabbed the phone out of her hand and ran off down Withers Street.

Kid or purse

A rogue swiped a woman’s purse when she had to leave it with her stroller to chase her wandering child at a Kent Street park on June 4.

The victim told police that she was at the park near N. Eighth Street at 9:30 am when her youngster suddenly jumped out of the stroller and ran away. The victim chased the tot, leaving the stroller and her purse where it was.

When she got back to the stroller, her purse was gone. She called her credit card to cancel the account and found out that someone had made charges totaling $35, according to the police report.

— Danielle Furfaro

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