Police: Joy riders stole and crashed Jaguar

90th Precinct


Runaway Jaguar

Cops cuffed a couple of suspects they think may have stolen a car that was being towed on Devoe Street on Nov. 6.

The car owner was getting his Jaguar towed between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street at around 9:40 am when a punk jumped inside the car and started it up with the keys left in the console, authorities said.

The speedster careened down Devoe Street towards Union Avenue and hit two other vehicles before colliding with a parked car, according to a police report. A witness told cops that a guy in his 20s got out of the vehicle and fled down Union Avenue then down Keap Street, but that he lost sight of the guy at Ainslie Street.

Authorities arrested two suspects the next day.


A scamp snatched a lady’s wallet while she was shopping in a Debevoise Street discount store on Nov. 8.

The 63-year-old victim told cops she was shopping at the business between the Avenue of Puerto Rico and Humboldt Street at around 2:24 pm when the store clerk told her to check her pockets, and she found her wallet was missing.

The clerk said she saw a well-dressed man pull the wallet out of the victim’s coat’s front-right pocket, authorities said.

Mo problems

A sharply dressed mustachioed man bashed a woman in the head with his bag at the corner of Lynch Street and Union Avenue in broad daylight on Nov. 3.

The victim told authorities she was headed toward Broadway at 11:30 am when she saw a man sporting a cookie duster dressed in a suit and carrying a blue bag coming towards her. Shortly after the guy walked past her, he struck her over the head with his bag, throwing her to the ground and leaving her with a painful lump on her head, authorities said.

The victim told cops when she looked up at the guy, he just walked away.

Highway men

A pair of goons threw a guy to the ground and brutally beat him under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway on Nov. 3.

The victim was at the corner of Borinquen Place and Rodney Street when the duo attacked — they threw him down and punched him in the ribs and head, causing bleeding to his knees and hand, authorities said.

The bruisers then ran off down Rodney Street toward S. Third Street, according to a police report.

— Allegra Hobbs