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Police: Man breaks into apartment and takes candy

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Candy man

Cops arrested an alleged burglar suspected of a handful of candy from a Sixth Avenue apartment building on Feb. 22.

The suspect, 55, illegally entered the property between Sixth and Seventh streets at 11:50 am, nabbing the measly stash of sweets, before he was picked up by police, cops said.

Upon his arrest on a felony burglary charge, patrolmen found the suspect in possession of a crack pipe, according to police.

Shrimp scamp

Police cuffed a man for allegedly stealing an estimated $80 worth of shrimp and other groceries from a Third Street market on Feb. 21.

An employee at the store spotted the suspect, 56, nabbing the tasty crustaceans and other treats from the store near Third Avenue at 1:30 pm.

Police nabbed him that day on a misdemeanor larceny charge, cops said.

Robbing the cradle

Cops have called off the hunt for the thief who stole a pricey baby stroller from the front yard of a DeGraw Street home on Feb. 18.

The victim, a 34-year-old woman, told police she left her Uppa Baby Vista Double Stroller outsider her home between Fourth and Fifth avenues at 4 pm, and returned three hours later to find her ritzy kid carrier stolen.

Panty raid!

Cops arrested a 35-year-old man for allegedly stealing panties from a Flatbush Avenue lingerie store on Feb. 19.

An employee told police she spotted the suspect nab a whopping 22 pairs of underwear from the shop between Fourth and Atlantic avenues at 4:50 pm, before trying to skip past the register with his ill-gotten undies.

Police busted the man that day on a misdemeanor larceny charge, cops said.

Beer run

Police busted a guy for allegedly stealing beer from a delivery truck on Ninth Street on Feb. 19.

The suspect nabbed two 12 packs of Miller High Life and another 12 pack of Coors Lite from the truck parked between Fifth and Sixth avenues at 10:25 am.

The man allegedly exclaimed to police “you got me,” when they busted him on a felony burglary charge later that day, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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