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Police: Man left dogs in locked car

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

Dog days of summer

Police arrested a man who they found with a knife and who kept two dogs locked in a car on 64th Street on May 26, cops said.

Officers responded to a call that two dogs were allegedly locked in a car between 10th and 11th avenues around 12:30 pm. Officers found the canines panting and barking with dry mouths and eyes, and when they got the dogs out, they showed symptoms of dehydration and signs of fatigue, including twitching and being unsteady on their feet, police said.

When one of the dogs became unconscious, medical personnel brought him to a clinic, where he is in critical and unstable condition, according to the police report. Police arrested the man on the scene, where they also discovered he had a knife, authorities said.

Time for jail

A pair of robbers punched a man in his eye and then stole his Rolex watch along with a gold chain, cellphone, and credit cards on Fourth Avenue on May 23.

The theft occurred at 77th Street just after 11:15 pm, when the punks hopped out of a gray Jeep before one of them punched the man and the other grabbed his phone and credit cards from his pockets, police reported. Then, the two worked together to steal the man’s expensive watch and gold chain before fleeing on Fourth Avenue towards 86th Street, according to the report.

Writing’s on the windows

A nogoodnik vandalized a woman’s car by writing on it when she parked it in a spot blocking his Colonial Road driveway on May 24.

The woman parked her vehicle at 91st Street around 6:30 am, and when she returned, the homeowner had allegedly written, “Don’t block driveway, pay for parking” on the car, police reported.

Acid trip

A lout damaged a Fourth Avenue business’s storefront mirrors using liquid acid on May 24.

The vandalism occurred between Bay Ridge and Ovington avenues at around 10:15 pm, according to authorities.

Basement cash

A burglar broke into a basement door in a Fort Hamilton Parkway home on May 24 and stole $100.

The crook entered the home between 70th and 71st streets through the basement door around 11:30 pm, damaging the padlock in the process, and fled on foot once he grabbed the cash.

Didn’t want to do the laundry

A baddie entered a woman’s 89th Street basement on May 25 while she was doing laundry — but ran when she scared him off.

The unlawful entry occurred at the home between Third and Fourth avenues just after 4:15 pm, when the perp walked through the woman’s open basement door, cops said. He only stayed for a few seconds before the homeowner confronted him and he fled on 89th Street towards Third Avenue, according to the report.

— Julianne McShane

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